300kg of music to move

Alberto Bernal – 300kg of music to move
Work for composer, car and two percussionists.


This will be the title of the new piece by Alberto Bernal for reConvert project, a piece that will be premiered at the Centre d’art Terres de l’Ebre – Lo Pati (Amposta, Tarragona) on 16th July, within the SIRGA Festival. The piece is designed for one car, two percussionists and electronics.

300KG 2

This piece will articulate a speech straddles the musical and performative, where it is mainly played with the idea of the weight and drag of tradition.
The car will become a huge percussion instrument, hosting several instruments distributed inside that will add to their own sounds. While this instrument is voiced, a performer (the composer of the work) will gradually filling inside the car hundreds of scores of the entire history of music, besides going adding the sound of their works through speakers also located in the car, they will also be adding its own weight to the car to collapse the vibration of the percussion instruments and speakers. It will be created a silence by saturation with ending the first part of the work.

In the second and final part of the work, the performer will try to drag this vehicle packed with 300kg (1000 years) of musical tradition. This musical weight of tradition and will acquire a physical weight, turning the musical act of the first part in a performative act in which the performer (the composer), try to deal with the weight of their own tradition. In parallel, the percussionists will downloading all the contents of the car, so that, with its progressive lightening, it can be increasingly moved more easily by the performer, and speakers and instruments gradually recover its sound, until, as irreversible end of the work, they are also disassembled and silenced.